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Commercial Remodel/ Design
Kramer Financial Institute

Going the Extra Mile!

Designer Notes: These clients were looking to change and update their office look, it had been more than 20 year and they new it was time! We were very excited and a little nervous to be apart of this large design project because this office was unique from our other commercial clients, the entire practice only communicated through sign language. Their clientele were also deaf. Lucky for us their Assistant did most of the translations. This certainly made us aware of how we pulled our design together to be presented. It was a match made in Heaven! We loved working with them and putting into practice signing.
One of the first thing we noticed is the size of the reception area and went to work on ideas to make it larger. Being a commercial building not only did we need a contractor to look to see if the logo wall with a closet on the other side could be removed we needed to see what the land lord would allow. With all systems go, we were able to relocate the closet to the end of the hallway and open the reception area by using the outer hallway wall as the New Logo wall. This gave us a whopping 4ft into the new reception area the change was critical. We also removed all the old carpeting and replaced it with luxury vinyl wood looking tile flooring, great for commercial applications and all types of weather. The biggest change is when I asked to see their marketing materials and they shared with me the bold red geometric design financial folder. This was my inspiration and even more to my surprise when it had artwork with positive quotes from Helen Keller, I knew as soon as I saw it that we needed to incorporate the art into the Master Design Plan!
There were several projects with-in the over all Master Design Plan including, individual offices, conference room, bathroom, hallways, main back office and of course the reception area. The other area very visible to clients was the reception back office, this space needed to be functional, inviting and accommodate 4 employees. We accomplished what we set out to do and the piece de resistance was the white anaglypta wallpaper we found with the same shape as their logo, had it installed and painted it Sherwin Williams Positive Red and added the new logo. The clients were over whelmed with Joy. It's days like this that remind us why we do what we do!

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