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Featured Projects

Clients Quote

"Our Guest Love the New Suite, They say it is So Beautiful and So Relaxing"

Our featured International Commercial Client wanted their

Guest to feel right at Home at their Island Resort in Negril, Jamaica. 


Honeymoon Suite

The Honeymoon Suite isn't the only project we are working on at the Westender Inn in Negril. I have

been working with them now for two years and many changes have been made. This has been an

enormous opportunity and a true pleasure to be apart of. The Westender has so much charm and we

are working together to enhance i'ts beautiful surroundings .

This 32 year young Hotel has many amazing features like being right on the Caribbean Sea, amazing

sunsets and is multifaceted with different style of rooms from Seaside Suites, Ocean Front Rooms,

Poolside Condos and Cottages , I like to call them Bungalows. Not to mention the two outdoor


The Idea... came about when the owner wanted to expand the two rooms to create a Honeymoon suite. The original design had two rooms sharing a large balcony and he decided it was much cozier to have it as a secluded second level Honeymoon suite overlooking the most amazing ocean  and sunset spot on the property. We started designing how to use the room, of course  the custom carved bed was staying, we wanted to create a seating area for two, with that I designed more furniture... dressers, end tables, and chairs to coordinate with the Hand carved bed. The local artistry and craftsmanship is amazing in Jamaica.  A beverage bar and a spa master suite were also on the list.

The color inspiration for the room and hotel in general came from the beautiful blues found right outside in the most amazing ocean view. With a name like Dynamic Blue from Sherwin-Williams...The color delivers a burst of Caribbean Blue. We wanted to create a tranquil, relaxing and beautiful room. The added tropical print on the chairs really brings the lush tropical design right into your space.

With our must have list, on property General Contractor and local carpenters  the project turned out amazing.

The New Spa Bath has a custom made vanity and relaxing soaker tub and an open concept glass wall full size shower. The once two small bathrooms are no more. 

Window Treatment with a new panoramic view of the ocean it's hard to cover the view, however with hanging the custom draperies that completely open to the far left and far right, nothing is missed during the day and in the evening for privacy or for those who like it dark to sleep in well... we got you covered.

Accessorizing...with the few remaining items to complete the look... table accessories, a focal mirror, tropical plants, tall crisp white side lamps flanking each side of the bad and a few throw pillows this room is ready to impress it's guest.

Overall,  a breathtaking, relaxing suite with all the comforts of home and with the luxury and beauty of a resort. 


Clients Quote

"We love our home, this is where we spend most of our's so cozy"

A Featured Project .. is a long time client, together we worked on many projects in their home and this particular project was a cozy redesign of the Kitchen and Family room.


Family room

We added motion furniture; a motorized reclining leather sectional with custom decorative pillows in browns, beiges and soft blue fabrics. Using the clients chair 1/2 and re-upholstering it in beautiful textured chenille fabric coordinating with the pillows and draperies. The custom board mounted window treatments are in a brown diamond faux silk fabric that coordinates both the kitchen and family room together.  Adding glass top tables to create a spacious look with a designer wood base it ties the tables to the existing entertainment unit. The finishing touches of lighting and accesories and an area rug pull the room together.



A beautiful textured wallpaper makes all the achitestual features in the room "Pop" covering the kitchen walls... the design adds to the over all beautiful of the view outside. A new kitchen oval table and chairs compliments the space perfecty, the chandlier and pendant lighting define both area and provide functional and atmospheric lighting.  A new stone backsplash accents the grainte countertops and mirrors the diamond design in the window treatment.


Overall a cozy area that flows from the kitchen to the familyroom, great area to entertain and relax by the fire. 

Our featured Commercial Client wanted their

customer waiting area pulled together to create

an inviting space for customers and employees.


Waiting Area

Furniture, Accessories, Window Treatment...By adding rich wood tones in our end tables to

their four leather club chairs, we created a defined area as well as added table spaces for 

reading materials. Beautiful designer quartz lamps create a nice area to read by as well as 

create an inviting atmosphere to a commercial space. A decorative demilune cabinet was added to the main wall to balance and

give definition to a pre-equisting wall mount TV. The company's Lettering in 3D artwork brings dimention to the back wall and accents the company(\(\(it also can be seen from outside as it is lite up after hours. Cornicess in a decorative chinelle printed fabric defines each window  and brings a textured element with its arch design. It ties together the two paint colors that alreay equisted throught out the office and boardroom spaces.


Area Rug...The client had a hugh concern with mud and snow being tracked in the office during incliment weather. We custom designed a commercial rug shaped the same design as the walk pattern and took the same broadloom carpet and created an area rug with a boarder for interest to groud the club chairs in the waiting area....This really pulled the two spaces together!


Wallcoverings... Main Wall when you walk in only had a TV floating on the wall. The wallpaper designed for this client was completely unique to this project...never to have been designed before any where! Through one of our amazing vendors I designed a wallpaper that was metalic and textured to look like leather then it was applied in horizontal stripes, each piece unlike the next in size and color. My increadible installer applied the pieces to create a random pattern...A look like no other. The Wallpaper Company featured this on thier website. Soooo Awesome!

We also took a problem area for our client...A very long hallway to narrow to place artwork with two different size walls and created shadow boxes and added the same unique wallpaper look in each box , making the walls look the same and creating interest without taking up space.


Overall, a crisp inviting space with interest helping productiviety and customer enhancement.


Client Quote 

"All of our clients love the new look...They reply that it feels inviting.  Thanks, What an Awesome difference"

Check Back for our Florida Featured Clients Projects to be completed Aug 2021...Coming Soon

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