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Airbnb Condo Staging
Miami, FL

Welcome to Miami!

Designer Notes:
The Caoba is a magnificent community designed condo building with a combination of Residential & Airbnb Condos. This sophisticated urban high rise is at the center of Miami Finest Living! Elements of Design International, staged 64 Airbnb; Studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos from the 8th floor to the 34th floor. We staged every aspect of the condos from the fully equipped kitchen, dining, multiple bedrooms & baths. The great room took centerstage with the amazing view of the Miami Skyline out of the floor to celling windows. Theses Airbnb condos were designed to give the Guest a sophisticated cosmopolitan, yet cozy experience. Every room was designed and furnished to maximize the scenery both day & night. 

This job was an amazing opportunity and we really enjoyed being a part of this project. Challenge excepted! We stepped up to the designer plate with the 12 plus hour days as we had to complete an entire floor in a two day window. Each floor had 8-10 condos with a studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units per floor. We worked with an top notch staff that unpacked, assembled and loaded the rooms for us to take over and put everything in place down to the smallest detail! The photographer was hot on our heals to take pictures of the condos as we completed each room & floor to make them available to the high demand of registered guest!

This experience came with its perks a breathtaking view no matter what room or floor we were on as you will see by the photos. Enjoy

Project Gallery

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