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Commercial Remodel
Sunrise, Florida

Klitzman Law Office & Aspire Financial Partners

Designer Notes...
One of the many things I love about this commercial project is that they incorporated all the suggestion made to their Commercial Master Design Plan! We came up with several unique design concepts and with a minimum of 6 individuals; owners, partners and staff, we needed to incorporate each person with individual interest and new collaborations. This in it's self was a Design Challenge! One of the things that Elements of Design has been credited with is Listening, Listening and Listening! We collected everyone's opinion, their thoughts on how they will use their space and daily routines to make sure we were setting this office space up correctly and that overall function was achieved with room to grow. WOW! In the end everyone loves the office!
We made sure that in some form or function everyone also got natural light daily! You pend a lot of time at work, it's important to love the space you are in. It increase productivity and overall well being!

Take a look at the before & after pictures and notes to learn more about this project!

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