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Headboards / Bedding

"Your Interior Design Resource"


Your bedroom is your Haven... If it's not it should be!

It's the first room you see every morning and the last room you see every night, if it isn't becoming to you. You need to becoming to Us!

Let Elements of Design customize your bedroom that is both

comfortable and luxurious! What is your ideal bed style: Tufted headboard, platform bed, 4 poster bed. We can create your perfect Haven!

Need coordinating night stands, dressers or a custom designed closet?

Ask the experts to help you decide. Add a cozy sitting area to your Master Suite with opulent fabrics and furnishings, then top it off with luxurious bedding, using exquisite fabrics that can create a light and airy clutter free design! Need washable bedding, we got you covered!

We specialize in designing master suites, guest or multi-functional rooms and children of all ages.

From Idea to Installation
Our Bedding Products Include...

  • Fabric/ Leather Headboards

  • Platform/ 4 Poster Beds

  • Nightstands/Dressers

  • Chase Lounge/Settee/Ottoman

  • Custom Bedding

  • Unique Wallcoverings

  • Chandelier/Lighting/Lamps 

  • Custom Floral Arrangements

  • Unique Accessories

  • Mirrors & Wall Art

  • Window Coverings/ Draperies

  • Shutters/ Blinds

  • Custom Built-ins

  • Area Rugs & Floor Coverings

  • Custom Closets

Interested in bringing your Design Dream to Reality?

Get your FREE Consultation

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