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Wall Coverings

"Your Interior Design Resource"


Painting can make a room standout...Want to transform a room?


Then You want an Exquisite Wallcovering!  A Focal Point! The World is vast in resources and we have access to the top companies in the world to create the uniqueness you are looking for.  Don't forget about stone applications; Ledger Stone, Tile & Porcelain selections. Now the possibilities are endless. Our expertise can help you narrow down this vast selection, choose the perfect wallcovering to create an ultimate statement design, accentuate your furniture and enhance your lifestyle! 


Lets incorporate a dynamic new design for your residential or commercial needs! 

What style of wallcovering are you looking for ? Something unique, modern, glamourous, traditional, scenic or 3D? Want your Company Logo to POP! Elements of Design can add textured, glass bead, flocked, shapes and movement wallpaper  to redefine your space. We can bring your room to life!

From Idea to Installation
Our Residential & Commercial
Wallpaper Products Include...

  • Flocked/Foiled/Textured

  • Wood/Sand/Crushed Stone

  • Stone/Tile

  • Vinyl/Paper/Printed

  • Murals/Custom Picture 

  • Anaglypta/Paintable

  • Grass Cloth/Bamboo/Cork

  • Metallic/Embossed Wallpaper

  • 3-D Panels/Wallcoverings

  • Removable/Repositionable

  • Salon/Spas

  • Hotels/Hosptialities

  • Retail Spaces

  • Restaurants/Bars

  • Professional Offices

Interested in bringing your Design Dream to Reality?

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