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Holiday Decorating

I t’s that time of year when we turn to the quaint thoughts of family, friends and entertaining. Are you ready for the memories that are about to take place? Here are some simple but elegant decorating tips that will not only make your home look gorgeous but allow you to enjoy your holiday and dazzle your guest.

First plan a holiday decorating theme and color scheme that will enhance your present décor. What is your decorating style – is it traditional with all the trimmings and family heirlooms, casual setting with a lot of handmade items berry wreathes and gingerbread cookies, or is it sleek with silver and/or gold and bold splashes of red that will warm your heart. The best way to accent is for the way you live, make it unique.

Tablescapes, can be used to add glitz and glamour to a

mantel, shelves and table tops, so everywhere you look

it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Mix old and new,

or use an attractive accessory from your present décor

and illuminate it by adding a Charter Plate, evergreens and candle light. This is one of the most effective ways to create a radiant design especially when it can be placed in front of a mirror. It gives you that double image of beauty. Each tablescape needs one item as the focal point and then surround it with decorative ornaments, sprigs of fresh greenery, twinkling lights, bowls of fruit can even take center stage. Always use different heights and sizes to create interest. Use your imagination to create a exclusive look with anything that brings warmth to your heart.

Ode to the Dining room, this is it! The event it’s been waiting for all year. Here’s how to create a since of ambiance. Dim the lights use candle light throughout the room. If you have silk or faux silk draperies then the candle light will capture the shimmer of the fabric and reflect it back into the room creating a warm glow. Fresh flowers and greenery creates a beautiful fragrant centerpiece a top a table runner. Always use serving pieces with stands at different heights to give more interest and room on your table or buffet, evening dinner party, holiday brunch or the full sit down extravaganza. Bring out your best serving pieces. Having 20 guest for dinner and a place seating for 8, no worries use a couple different design patterns and give each person their own setting, and alternate going around the table. Elegance is at your fingertips.

A Holiday Hideaway… Your overnight quest will love a get away in a custom designed room. Create a tranquil bed and breakfast design to really make your friends and family feel at home. Design the bedding and room with comfortable attire. Have Towels and extra blankets tucked away in a draw or closet. If possible have a dresser or armoire to store clothes. Ample lighting in three different areas. A mirror and chair will complete the necessities. Add small holiday tablescape to reflect their personality. Placing a small fruit and nut basket in the room, will hit the spot for late night snacking. You could even set up a little coffee/tea bar.

This holiday season let us help take the stress out of your decorating needs. Enjoy all that the season has to offer.  From our home to yours, Happy Holidays! 

Sandra King, Elements of Design

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