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2022 Spring Trends & Designs

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

What an exciting High Point Furniture Market! What is Market, you ask? It's an opportunity for the the design & furniture Industry to see what the design trends, styles & colors will be 6 months in advance. Why? The answer is simple! The furniture industry is still made by mostly skilled craftsman not machines and it takes manufactures that long to produce enough inventory for the furniture to be ordered by large furniture stores & designers all around the world. So what the design world sees now, the rest of the world will see in October and I have to say I love where the trends are going! We are seeing a lot of Mid-Century Modern with a current day twist. The trends have clean curvy lines that create an elegant but cozy-casual look. Chairs of all sizes, shapes & designs were in abundance in every showroom, sofas & sectionals are large and curvy, cane work is back and on everything from chairs to headboards, Lucite is still popular and adds a fun element to any room. Gold tones have exploded into every aspect of design from chair legs, table accents, and extraordinary lighting. Soft plush fabrics adorned upholstered furniture and the best part is that they are performance fabrics, multiple platforms grouped cocktail tables with unique interest and design elements are all the rage. More trends to come! I think my clients will love the new trends as much as I do, there is so much room for interpretation and independent expression and as always...unique designs! Sandra

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