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My New Blog...Elements: A behind the scenes look and all the aspect that make up designing elements!

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Welcome to Elements of Design International!

Hello World! My name is Sandra King, I'm the owner, executive designer of a National & International Interior Design Firm, Elements of Design International Inc. with 37 yrs of design & construction knowledge. I based my business out of Maryland for over 33 years and then in 2018 started a second division of my company in Sunny Southern Florida where it was easier to meet with my International clients that often came into Miami. Back in 2015 we expanded Internationally and now I'm able to combine my love for travel and my passion for design for both residential & commercial clients! The world of design is exciting and ever changing and I can't wait to share more with you! Every time I travel, I'm in all of the people I meet and their cultural elements and my goal is to always incorporate their lifestyle into every aspect of their unique design project. I hope to share that with you what I discover locally and abroad.

This is one of my favorite International commercial projects, The Westender Inn; Negril, Jamaica.

What an unbelievable experience this has been, among many things, I custom designed all the furniture for the resort inside and out and the talented local woodcrafter made the magic happen. From headboards, to vanities, to sofa and table and chairs etc. the craftmanship is absolutely amazing.

When you travel, you want to experience new things, you don't explore the Caribbean to stay in a hotel that looks like a hotel in New York. You want to be submerged in the local culture to experience something new and unique that is the way I design! I'm going to give you all the comfort of home but in a culture that is rich with beauty and history to create a memorable trip.

My Interior Design education spans through out the country and just the beginning Internationally for over 37 years!

I will be a forever student as design is always evolving, continuously changing from styles to style and trends developing in new technology for the way we use our home. Covid was an unexpected example of that! As time goes on, I hope to share what I've learn with you. I love all aspects of design; history and culture, modern technology, style and trends but more importantly how I can incorporate all of this into the lifestyle of every client and project. No cookie cutter designer here. Visit my website for a start of what's to come of many posted projects.

To Blog or Not to Blog is no longer a Question.

I'm finally Blogging! I will admit, this has been a long time coming, my Achilles heel. We all know social media is one the greatest way to bring the world together but I swear, sometimes I need 10 of me! As a women, a business owner and a designer, I'm busy running two divisions of my company, designing for my awesome clients and trying to live my life to the fullest! Sometimes social media would take a back seat, okay a lot of times! "That is in the past"' as my Mom would say. In fact it my 2022 New Year's resolution to stay engaged in social media and now that my newly designed website is up and running, I can devote more time to self expression. I feel I have established myself and I Got this! We will see time waits for no one, however I am super excited to share and meet new friends along this life path. My Family always said, "I never met a stranger"! It's going to be an exciting because I don't do ordinary...only Extraordinary! Ready or not World here I come with 37 years of experience. I've seen a lot, but there is more to come and I'm excited to take this journey with you.

In closing, this is just the beginning. I promise to get better, share videos, design and life tips, trends and unique aspect from behind the scene of the design world.

I hope that you join me on this journey with my new blog entitled, Elements!

Sandra King ~ your Lifestyle Designer

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